Concrete Weight Coating

35.36 $ sq. mt. (УКР)

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(УКР) Компанія “Центр трубоізоляция” є єдиним виробничим майданчиком в Україні по нанесенню зовнішнього бетонного покриття, що обважнює і захисного, із застосуванням передової технології нанесення методом набризгу на поверхню сталевих труб діаметром від 159 до 1420 мм

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Concrete weight coating (CWC) is a plant-applied coating used to provide negative buoyancy for offshore pipelines or for river or road crossing applications in accordance with DVGW GW 340.

We utilise the compression wrap method of application which keeps the anti-corrosion coating free of damage. Concrete is applied by wrapping a uniform layer while simultaneously wrapping reinforcing wire within the concrete coating for stability.

The concrete is prepared in an automated batching plant using aggregates (e.g., sand, iron ore), cement and water. The mix is applied on the pipe by impingement or compression while one or more reinforcing wire meshes are incorporated, depending on the required coating thickness.

Concrete coating by compression method is applied to pipe diameters from 3” and up to 60” with coating thickness ranging from 1” to 7” and concrete densities from 140 pounds to 190 pounds per cubic feet. The compression method can apply concrete coating over any type of corrosion coating e.g. FBE, collar and three layer polyethylene or polypropylene. These are essentially applied to add weight to sub-sea or subkha pipelines.