Starting from 1994 production company “Center Truboisolatsiya” LLC carried out such works as:

  • application of anticorrosive, thermal insulating coatings on steel/cast iron pipes under factory, basic and field conditions
  • anticorrosive works directly at facility (under field conditions) including sanation and coating of pipes and other pipefittings
  • production and assembling a vast scope of coating materials for anticorrosive systems in accordance with requirements ДСТУ 4219; Б.В.2.5-29; Б.В.2.5-30; ДБН, ГОСТ, СНиП, ISO, EN, DIN.

Our specialists carried out such technologies by means of film, mastic, paint, epoxy, polyurethane coating constructions and coatings based upon extruded polyolefines (PE, PP) and other anticorrosive constructions.

The company Center Truboisolatsiya LLC applies anticorrosive coating of OUTER and INNER surface (including cement mortar polymeric and glasslined coatings) of steel and cast iron pipes by means of different anticorrosive constructions.

Our clients are oil and gas companies, fuel power companies, public companies, gas distributing, sewage, irrigation systems.

In the year 2013, the company developed and implemented into production by itself technological lines for anticorrosive coating of outer and inner pipes surfaces based upon extruded polyolefines:

  • Ring co-extrusion polyolefines line (cross-head pipes coating) for pipes with the  outer diameter 5….325mm. by means of PE, PP mono-2-3 layer coatings.
  • T-die (sided flat slot die) co-extrusion polyolefines line for pipes with the outer diameter 89-3220mm. by means of PE, PP mono-2-3-5-7  layer coatings.

The company implemented own technologies for application of powder primers, epoxy FBE coatings and achieved sufficient results as per qualitative characteristics of PE/PP anticorrosive coatings.

We have our own production line of full polymers processing cycle, including production of concentrate, super-concentrate (masterbatch)-hotmelt adhesive AKLEN and hot melt compositions for mono-2-3-5-7-layers coatings, based upon extruded polyolefines (PE, PP)

All the types of coatings, coating components, coating materials have been certificated in systems «UKRCepro», DP «UKRMETSTANDARD», ISO 9001.

In the year 2019, the company developed, tested and put into production simultaneous of OUTER (mono-2-3-5-7-layer anticorrosive coatings, based upon extruded polyolefines (PE/PP) and INNER monolayer anticorrosive coating, based upon nano-modificated  hot melt polyolefines with refined physicomechanical characteristics with thermal stability – 60°С up to +120°С (coating thickness 1-4mm.)

We tested and put into production steel-plastic pipes with outer diameters 108…1420mm. Steel plastic pipes and pipe nipples with maximum wall thickness up to 20mm. are in form of steel pipe, steel pipe nipple with outer PE coating (subsurface pipelining) or paint/powder FBE coating. Inner lining with PE/PP pipe (covering), fixed by side clips.

T-die (sided flat slot die) co-extrusion polyolefines outer coating line for pipes with diameter 89…3220mm. with simultaneous/sequential application of inner anticorrosive coatings (liquid epoxy, polyurethane, powder FBE,  glass enameled, polyolefine, PE, PP and others.)

The coating line, which was designed by our company, enables to conduct coating works while using max. range of pipes diameters including 89…3220mm. , walls thickness 3…25mm. , pipes length 5…24 lm. , including vast scope of inner and outer coating types and constructions (in case of using some PE/PP constructions with simultaneous coating of outer and inner pipes surfaces. As a result of it we have got sufficient economy on electricity.

Flexibility and simplicity of coating lines construction enables to replace main equipment units immediately, having opportunity to replace different units for its analogues. Fail safe electromagnetic inductors with frequency 50-60Hz (of our production) along with unique hot-melt adhesive compositions Aklen, modificated polyolefine hot-melt compositions for outer protective layers TETLEN, unique nano-modificated hot melt monolayer compositions AKLEN MC for inner and outer coatings enable to get high physico mechanical values of anticorrosive coatings while having minimum expenses.

The line can be additionally complicated with such different equipment, which enables to apply majority of outer and inner anticorrosive coatings (varnish and paint, powder epoxy FBE, polyurethane,  glass enameled, cement-mortar-polymeric and others in accordance with ДСТУ 4219-2003; ДСТУ Б.В.2.5-29:2006; ДСТУ Б.В.2.5-30:2006; ДСТУ-Н Б А.3.1-29:2015; ДБН В.2.5-20-2001;  ISO 21809;EN DIN 30670; EN 12068;  DIN 30672; NF A 49-711, Shell DEP; CAN/CSA- Z245.21; ANSI/AWWA C215; ANSI/AWWA C216; ANSI/AWWA C214; ГОСТ Р 51164-98, ГОСТ 9.602—2005 and others).

As additional equipment, we can offer set of crushing, drying,  agglomeration, granulating equipment, which enables to proceed with complete cycle of materials preparation and polymeric raw materials processing. Moreover, additional completing with calender, exhaust and winding machines, enables to use equipment for polymers as much as practical (extruders, T-die heads etc.) It also gives opportunity to supply pipes with sleeves and tapes of different constructions for coating weld ends and different fittings.

In spite of simple and flexible construction, energy performance accessible spare parts, our coating line is able to work under basic, factory and even field conditions. Experienced staff can dismantle coating unit in one place and install coating unit in another place, which enables to move coating line immediately between construction facilities. Coating staff consists of one group (3 workers). If it is necessary to work in 2 or 3 shifts, the quantity of worker groups are increasing.

Overall dimensions of coating line are:
– length no less than -36-54 meters.;
– width no less than 12-18 meters.;
– hight, no less than – 8..10 meters.;

Diameter range  of coated pipes – OD. 89..3220mm.
Wall thickness of coated pipes – 4..30mm.;
Length of coated pipes – from 6 up to 24 meters.;

  • pipe OD 108,    meter/min, no less     1,5
  • pipe OD 325,   meter/min, no less      1,0
  • pipe  OD 530,   meter/min, no less     0,7
  • pipe  OD 1020, meter/min, no less    0,4
  • pipe  OD 1420, meter/min, no less    0,3

Minimum installed capacity:

  • 480..1000kVА for factory conditions –complete set up (coating line, crushing, agglomeration, granulating and other equipment);
  • 250..480 kVА for basic conditions incomplete set up  (coating line, crushing equipment and  minimum set up of additional equipment);
  • 150..250кВА kVА for field conditions minimum set up (coating line + minimum set up for specific types/constructions of anticorrosive coatings for inner surface of steel pipes);

Resetting of coating line from OD 89mm. up to OD 1420..3220 mm. takes no more than 1-2 hours. It enables to cut corners on equipment service, manufacturing area, staff etc. In its turn,  it increases line utilization of coating equipment. Immediate  resetting of coating line, enables to apply coating process as quick as possible with full range of diameters sizes by means of all constructions of anticorrosive coatings while using only one set of equipment.

Productiveness/speed of coating line can be increased in several times while heating the pipe by high frequency current (HFC – 2,5..20KhZ) – inductors with simultaneous increasing of extruders productiveness.



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