«Center of tubes insulation»

Anticorrosion tubes insulation, sanation and tubes reinnovation, steel pipes

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ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Company «Center of Tubes Insulation» was established in year 1995 was established in 1995 on basis of pilot factory «Trubstroyindustriya» of holding company «Kievgorstroy»

Our staff having implemented longstanding experience and knowledges, composed an unique material, science and technology base for development and implementation of progressive technological processes and equipment for anti-corrossion and heating pipe lines. Our technologies are widely used for coating gas, oil, heating and sewage pipelines;

Company «Center of Tubes Insulation»
High quality of our products
Control at every step of production. Labolatory surveillance and products testing by means of modern equipment.
Special implementation orders
Our engineers offer innovative solutions concerning non-standard products and put them into production line ASAP.
Fast delivery
For about many years we have fruitful cooperation with leading transportation companies, which enables us to minimize delivery cost.
Ecological compatibility and safety
All products and components are certificated, we ensure safety for our products in stated spheres of application.


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Vodafone: +380 (99) 509-48-70

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