Aklen 02 – Modificated Polymeric Composition For 2-Layer Pe Coating System


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АKLEN 02 is recommended as an adhesive for 2 – layer extruded PE systems for water- gas-oil pipelines in accordance with EN 10288, DIN 30670, ISO 21809-4, CSA Z245.21

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АKLEN 02 – modificated polymeric composition for 2 layer PE steel pipes coating system. The product is supplied in granules for application by coextrusion.

Chemical structure

Grafted copolymer based upon composition consisting of HDPE polyethylene and linear polyehtylene (LLDPE) with grafted function-associated anhydride and carboxylic groups.


АKLEN 02 is recommended as an adhesive for 2 – layer extruded PE systems for water- gas-oil pipelines in accordance with EN 10288, DIN 30670, ISO 21809-4, CSA Z245.21

Operating temperature -45°С …+90°С.



 Measurable ValueTest methodMeasuring conditions    Values
DensityISO 11830,936
Melt Flow Rate, gr/10 min, no lessISO 1133190°С, 2,16 kg2,3-2,6
Melt Flow Rate, gr/10 min, no lessISO 1133160°С, 5,0 kg4,1-4,5
Vicat softening temperature, no lessISO 306 107
Melting point (°С)ISO 11357-3 131
Flow point, no less than MPа   
-at a temperature  plus (20±3) °СISO 527-213,3
-at a temperature minus (42±3)°СISO 527-2 22,5
Tensile Strength no less, (МPа)   
-at a temperature plus (20±3) °СISO 527-250mm/min23,0
-at a temperature minus (42±3)°СISO 527-250mm/min27,0
Tensile strain at break, no less than %   
-at a temperature plus (20±3)ISO 527-250mm/min 



-at a temperature minus (42±3)ISO 527-250mm/min560

Peel strength for 2-layer PE coating system for pipe with diameter159mm (N/cm), no less than

DIN 30670(20±5) °С230
DIN 30670(40±3) °С180
DIN 30670(60±3) °С120
Water absorption, (within 24 hours in water at a temperature  (20±3)°С,  no more % 

ISO 15512



Oxidation induction time at a temperature 200±0,5°С and flowing oxygen 100 ml/min, no less than (min)ISO 11357-6:2008 


Recommended processing temperature.

Aklen 02 is applied for standard extrusion equipment. Effective temperature range for composition Aklen 02 is defined within 170°С – 210°С. Effective temperature range for steel pipes surface during PE coating operation is defined within 180°С – 220°С. In case if pipes surface temperature will exceed effective temperature up to 230°С inclusive, thus adhesion to the steel pipe will not exceed values indicated in present specification.

Packaging and Storage.

Packed in 25 kgs paper-polypropylene bags or 1000 kgs polypropylene big bags.

Store in dry and ventilated place, avoid direct UV rays and contact with water.

Shell life: 24 months.


The adhesive is not classified to be a dangerous one.

The equipment should be grounded in case of any dust explosion caused by dust during operational procedure. Ventilation is necessary to avois inhalation, because it irritates respiratory tract.

Certificate of Compliance UkrSepro, serial ПР №00302

Certificate of Quality Management System SIC.MS. 040 ISO 9001 d.d. 04.09.2019

  • Certitificate of Quality Management System SIC.MS.040 ISO9001.1002 dated 04.09.2019.

    Certificate ISO 14001: 2015 of environmental management system (SIC.MS.001.ISO14001.1288)