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Anticorrosion tubes insulation, sanation and tubes reinnovation, steel pipes

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«Центр трубоізоляція»

About us

Since 1994 "Center of Tubes Insulation" company operated anticorrosion and thermal insulation metal tubes coating under factory and basic conditions. We also proceed with anticorrosion workings within building or reconstruction areas directly (under trass conditions), right here our staff insulates pipe spools, carcasses, pipe bends, different pipe fittings, tubing tees etc.
Our company implemented its own coating technology by means of such different coating materials as: film coating, mastic coating and many others. " Center of Tubes Insulation " is considred to be only one production plant all over Ukraine, which can provide our clients with anticorrosion insulation for both metal tubes surfaces: INNER and OUTER by means of all possible anticorrosion methods.
The core clients of our company are: companies involved into gas and oil producing industry, long-distance pipe line companies ( UKRTRANSGAS, UKRNAFTA) fuel power industry companies (oil and coal power stations )municipal service companies (gas distributing, water and wastewater treatment plants etc.)
Since 2013 our company " Center of Tubes Insulation" projected , produced and put into service 2 own production lines operating anticorrosion coating of outer tubes surface by means of extruded polyolefines. The first line is based upon ring coextrusion of polyolefines for the tubes with diameter 5-89mm (PE, PP) compatible with 2 and 3 layer coating. The second line is sided flat-slot die co-extrusion of polyolefines for the tubes with diameter 89-1420mm (PE, PP) compatible with 2 and 3 layer coating.
Our company has implemented powder coating (FBE primer) technologies into our production, worked out adhesive coating technologies of popular adhesive brands. Therefore our aim is to get the best possible results regarding PE and PP anticorrosion coating quality criteria. Our engineers have also put into production new line for hot-melt adhesive.
So as our plant production is located within Kiev region, all products, technologies and coating samples are being tested and analyzed at Institutes of National Academy of Science of Ukraine. After having got testing results, we proceed with our product certification for both: each separate coating component and coating construction in aggregate. We are proceeding with new materials testing and certification (all year round)!!
Our core clients are companies from Ukraine and post Soviet countries (former USSR members) Caucasus, Central Asia, Moldova etc. Thus before 2014 our coating regulations were practically based upon USSR (GOST) standards and Ukrainian (DSTU) standards. Main of mentioned standards are:DIN 30670, ГОСТ Р, API 5L, ASTM etc. We have implemented into practice international standards of our products.

Our achievements


evelopment and implementation of progressive technological processes and equipment for  anticorrosive coating and heating insulation coatings for gas, oil, heating pipelines and drainage;


roduction and implementation of technological equipment for pipes coating (insulation), assembling of production lines on «turn key» basis, development of technical and engineering documentation;


nticorrosive insulation of inner and outer steel pipes surfaces by means of strengthen and very strengthen types of coating- more than 15 types for for gas, oil, heating pipelines, drainage and other pipe joints;


einnovation, sanation, and reconstruction of functional pipelines (steel and reinforced concrete) by means of cement-sand and cement-sand-polymer coatings without utility cut and replacement of functional pipelines ;


onducting of insulation operations directly at сonstruction sites;

ales of steel pipes in accordance with DIN 1626, 17120, DIN 1626, 17120, DIN 1629, DIN 17121, 1629, 1630 etc.